Preserving the country store one account at a time
Preserving the country store one account at a time 

       Grocery Services and the Farm Service Store Family

 Farm Service Store Family

 We offer the Farm Service Store Family  program is a partnership with Dutch Valley, Troyer's and others which enables us to offer a full line of brand-name grocery products to fill your store. This program is designed for small independent stores who sell grocery to have an affordable option to purchase grocery products with low minimums and no contract requirements. And have a brand that they can be proud to carry on their store 
We pass all manufacturer allowances received from our vendors to our customers. In addition, we offer an ad program that entitles customers who order at least every other week to receive even deeper discounts.



       Independent    Grocery

We offer all the products that are offered to our Farm Serivce Store members to our independent grocery customers with the same kind of service. With our independents, they may not need a full store or may want the flexibility to order when they choose. We will be there for them also with the best brands and exceptional service letting them know we will be there long after the sale. We also will pass on discounts from the manufacturer to our independents. We will offer an ad program that they will get discounts tied to their order frequency.



All Others

We offer all the products that are offered to both our Farm Service Store Family and independent grocery customers to our customers who have a smaller need for grocery . Due to the fact that it is a smaller order, the minimums are less but the discounts are not as deep as the other services. This allows a smaller quantity of product to be shipped to the store. This allows the store to keep the products fresh and available to the customer. Stores that would benefit from this would be but not limited to:

General Stores, Hardware Stores,Convenience Stores,Gas Stations,Bulk Food Stores, and many others. But all of the above mentioned classes can and are encouraged to apply for the other two services if they feel that is a better fit for them.



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