Preserving the country store one account at a time
Preserving the country store one account at a time 

About Us

Robert Longdon Farm Service is here to be your wholesale partner. Our central cooperative warehouse will be your warehouse. Our slogan isn't just a catch phrase, it is a mission that our company has been fulfilling for almost 70 years. Since 1948, we have had only one goal, to honor and preserve the country stores in our region, through quality and price of products.  We will work for you. We carry a broad range of products to make your store stand out.  We partner with many companies to bring quality products to your store at a price that makes you competitive in your marketplace.  Great companies make that happen.  Our vendors and our member stores are not an account number to us, they are part of our Farm Service Store Family.  If you want to be part of the Farm Service Store Family either as a vendor or member store please contact us.

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